Business Diary: Great depression or new start?

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We know economics is far from an exact science, but the conflicting views of the big names does make life just a little confusing for we mere mortals. In the space of the past few days, Nobel laureate Paul Krugman has been telling the world he thinks the US – and the rest of us, by extension – is on the verge of another great depression. Meanwhile, hedge fund star John Paulson reckons the chance of a double dip is less than 10 per cent and that there has never been a better time to buy US property. Pay your money and take you choice.

No relief for BP in America

CNN's new list of the 10 most disliked companies in American puts Goldman Sachs in at number one – not so surprising given their travails of the past few months. AT&T – lousy service – apparently come in at number two, while Nike gets the third spot, as punishment for sticking by Tiger Woods. All of which begs the question, how has BP avoided being named and shamed? Or it would if CNN hadn't entitled its list the "Most hateable companies (not named BP)".

How to make the internet pay

So congratulations to Andrew Miller, appointed yesterday as the new head honcho at Guardian Media Group. Formerly the boss of GMG's Auto Trader subsidiary, Miller knows a thing or two about making money from the internet, with 90 per cent of that unit's revenues coming from online. That experience should make for an interesting perspective on The Guardian insistence that content must remain free on its editorial web sites.

Sky's the limit for pedal power

Sky is crossing its fingers that the Tour de France provides it with a bit of payback on the huge investment it has made in cycling over the past year, with the race one of few events in the sport that gets any coverage in the British press. Team Sky is hoping for big things from leader Bradley Wiggins, though he has made a slow start to the race, but one place where you won't see extensive coverage of the race is on Sky itself. Eurosport has the rights in this country.