Business Diary: MPs tussle over Call of Duty

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Keith Vaz MP has tabled an Early Day Motion saying the House is "deeply concerned" about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – presumably after hours of playing the game – and the BBFC should take "further precautions" despite giving it an 18 certificate. So should publisher Activision Blizzard be worried? Well, only nine other MPs have signed up and the game has found a backer in none other than scourge of News International: Tom Watson. Maybe they should settle it the old fashioned way: a game of Goldeneye.

SuperGroup hit by share SuperDroop

SuperGroup chief Julian Dunkerton must have cringed when a flagging share price first led City jokers to nickname the retailer SuperDroop. Yet he might start to hear the moniker a bit more. Following its float at 500p in March 2010 and surge past £18, the value tumbled to 435.2p yesterday. Dunkerton will hope for some morning glory at next month's interims.

Amazon deals not so ruff

Amazon has changed its Black Friday "lightning" deal offers. Last year the online retailer got a chorus of complaints as people missed out while others randomly clicked on items they didn't want and didn't buy. This year, if you don't check out what you've clicked, it goes to the next person waiting. One question: why all the pet food? Is Amazon's grocery service overloaded with the stuff, or is it a reference to the dog's dinner it made of last year's deals?

Bank bosses stick to script

Treasury Committee boss Andrew Tyrie was surprised to learn bank chiefs did extensive role-playing before giving evidence to the committee and he was no doubt on the lookout for scripted answers yesterday. RBS head Stephen Hester made no pretence at spontaneity when asked if he supported keeping cheque guarantee cards: "I'm afraid I don't have a briefed position on that."