Business Diary: Party time if you have the cash

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It is the time of year when companies have to think about this sort of thing, but we can't help wondering whether the latest issue of Director, the magazine for members of the Institute of Directors, has misjudged the economic environment with a feature on 12 party ideas for staff or clients this Christmas. Take, for example, its suggestion of a moving party on the Orient Express. Still, to be fair, suggestion No 1, holding a bash at the World Darts Championship at Alexandra Palace, is more of the moment.

Sky's project to save the Amazon

BSkyB is sticking with its troubled chairman James Murdoch, but is it secretly worried about its reputation? It's just sent us an amazingly glossy pamphlet, Amazon, detailing its efforts to help rescue the rain forest, in partnership with the WWF charity. The initiativepredates the Murdoch scandal, but Sky clearly feels the need to get its citizenship credentials out there.

EIB, the non-responding bank

What is going on at the European Investment Bank, the European Union body that invests our money in developing world projects? Counter Balance, a pressure group that aims to hold such bodies to account, claims the EIB's complaints process appears to be completely broken. The bank itself promises to respond to all complaints within 40 days. Sadly, Counter Point is still waiting for an answer to a complaint it filed two years ago. And people says Europe is inefficient.

Dr Doom makes it in Moscow

Good news for the population of Russia: your Government has no excuse for making the same mistakes as the imperial dogs of the West when it comes to managing the economy. For Nouriel Roubini, the economics professor popularly known as Dr Doom for his gloomy interventions, has now had his best-selling tome Crisis Economics, translated for the Russian market.