Business Diary: Rogers demands the record is set straight

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Someone is going to be in trouble. After Jim Rogers, the former business partner of George Soros, spoke at a trading seminar last week, someone put out a press release suggesting he had described the pound as a "basket case" and compared sterling to the Zimbabwean dollar. A furious Rogers then contacted the British media to insist he had said no such thing.

The black horse employs the best chef

Despite a lamentable performance from its overpaid executives when asked for basic information (such as figures on net lending or bonuses), Lloyds Banking Group at least had one thing going for it at its press briefing on Friday – half-decent food. Compared with the stale sandwiches served by Barclays and RBS, Lloyds produced a feast, including mini burgers and fish and chips. Good enough even for boss Eric Daniels, who hurried off with a large plateful after the new conference.

No sweet ending for Cadbury PR man

Looks like Trevor Datson's timing was a little off. He joined Cadbury as head of media relations last summer, just months before the announcement that Kraft wanted to buy the company. He then spent months doing Kraft down as Cadbury tried to fight off the bid and now that battle is lost, he has had to step down. Better luck next time, Trevor.

Culture spokesman calls for less culture

"We want a smaller BBC because it is doing down its commercial rivals," says the Tory culture spokesman Ed Vaizey, welcoming news the Beeb may shut down the digital radio stations 6 Music and the Asian Network. Just one problem: neither has an obvious commercial rival.

US property market takes a Buffetting

When will America's long property slump finally end? The world's most successful investor, Warren Buffett, says he knows. In his latest letter to investors, the Sage says revival is at hand. "Within a year or so, residential housing problems should largely be behind us," Buffett writes, fortunately rejecting one possible solution – the wholesale destruction of residential homes.

Number of the day £0.00

The bonuses accepted by the chief executives of Barclays, Lloyds and RBS this year. Will HSBC's Michael Geoghegan follow suit today?