Business Diary: Sleeping with the senior managers

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Here's another example of market research that there was really no need to commission given the predictability of the results.

Staffbay, an online recruitment consultant, says that one in five workers would consider sleeping with a senior manager in order to get a promotion. The predictable bit is that the figure for men is far higher than that for women – one in three men wouldn't baulk at the idea, says Staffbay, compared with fewer than one in 10 women. What a surprise.

The surf's up in Travelodge hotels

"Travelodge is the first budget hotel brand to offer its customers free wi-fi," a press release from the company proudly announces. Well yes, to a point. You don't get the wi-fi in your Travelodge room, you have to relocate to the hotel's "bar café". And fewer than a third of existing Travelodges actually have such a thing. On the plus side, those that do offer an all-you-can-eat breakfast for £6.95. So if you can find a Travelodge that offers the facility of which it is so proud, at least you can stuff yourself while surfing.

UK has chance to win million dollars

How are your stock-picking skills these days? The business cable channel CNBC is about to launch its annual Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge, and for the first time the competition is open to people in the UK. The first prizeis $1m (£615,000), but there is also a Maserati Gran Turismo convertible for the runner-up, plus a string of luxury holidays. Time to pay close attention to The Independent's Investment Column (and send us a postcardif we help you to win).

French laugh at economic woes

At least the French can laugh about their economic problems. As the French government piles on tax rises and spending cuts in order to protect the country's AAA rating, the witty folk at the Nouvel Observateur point out that the most-respected manufacturers of France's andouillette – the white sausage made from offal – also win AAA ratings for their products in official characterisation. "Maintaining the AAA rating is crucial for both our rating and our sausage," the newspaper says. "For if badly handled, they both start smelling."