Business Diary: The blogger doth protest too much

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There's nothing that winds up the digital crowd more than print folk having the nerve to encroach on their territory. The reaction of online media commentators to the news that Rupert Murdoch wants to launch an internet-only paper for devices such as the iPad was wonderfully predictable. "Murdoch, however, is nothing if not delusional," writes Paul Carr on Techcrunch. "This is the last gasp effort of a man who knows the end is nigh." Sounds like a man who feels threatened to us.

Demonstrators return to RBS

More trouble ahead for the Royal Bank of Scotland, whose swanky headquarters on the outskirts of Edinburgh is about to be targeted by climate-change protesters. The offices in question have already been paid a visit by demonstrators from the Taxpayers' Alliance, so at least security has some experience of coping with such difficulties. Still, this is the people's bank, after all, and all power to them.

Relax with an old friend on TV

Welcome back to Landscape, the television channel that spent the early years of cable TV in this country soothing viewers with an endless stream of relaxing pictures – think penguins wandering around the Antarctic – and classical music. No words at all. Having gone off air for a few years, Landscape has relaunched on Sky and even plans to launch a high-definition channel shortly. The channel's boss Nick Austin says: "With the benefit of hindsight and a lot of water under the bridge, we are getting it right this time." Hope they filmed the water.

JJB loses out in union spat

One in the eye for JJB Sports. It does not enjoy negotiating with the GMB union, which represents about 360 of its staff at a warehouse in Wigan. The retailer asked the Central Arbitration Committee, the authority on these matters, for permission to derecognise the union but the application was rejected yesterday. Naturally, within hours, the GMB was presenting a pay claim on behalf of the staff in question.