Business Diary: TV quiz triumph for FSA chairman

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Eagle-eyed viewers would have spotted Lord Turner – chairman of the Financial Services Authority – in the audience for Monday night's University Challenge on BBC2. Was he prepping for his next grilling opposite Paxo on Newsnight? No. Simply cheering on his 21-year-old daughter Eleanor, who calmly captained the winning University of Newcastle team in a comfortable victory over Belfast's Queen's University. Eleanor demonstrated good business knowledge, correctly identifying the surname linking Tesco's and Ben & Jerry's as Cohen.

Broadgate's fashion victims?

A team of financial services cyclists completed the arduous three-day 240-mile Big Issue Foundation's London to Paris ride at the weekend. It was a triumphant endeavour. Not only did they raise £10,000 for the homeless, they were presented with the "Vivienne Westwood" award for having the best cycling jerseys. "They were rather fetching," team organiser Roddi Vaughan-Thomas of City PR firm Broadgate Mainland told Diary. That's not the word we would use to describe the striking red and white checked tops, but let's focus on the glamour and gloss over the embarrassing crashes the eight had on the journey...

Ooh la la, want your Bad Goldman

Goldman Sachs chief Lloyd Blankfein is renowned for his big bonuses – $73m in 2007 according to Forbes. But now it seems he's itching to escape from the boardroom and get down with the kids. He recently met 50 Cent and then attended a Lady Gaga concert with his 17-year-old daughter. Diary has been unable to discover his favourite Gaga tune but the clever money's on Beautiful, Dirty, Rich from her first album The Fame. Altogether now: "Beautiful, dirty dirty, rich rich, dirty dirty..."

Twitter trouble for Blanchflower

Economist and former member of the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee Danny Blanchflower was yesterday forced to distance himself from a rogue Twitter account. The fake Blanchflower tweeter was quick to comment on the GDP numbers yesterday and was even quoted in some media. "It did sound like something I would say, but it wasn't me," the real Danny said. Or did he?