Business Diary: Willie Walsh flying high with honour

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Willie Walsh is clearly going up in the world. The chief executive of the recently created International Airlines Group is, diary has learned, to receive the "Encomienda de Número" of the Spanish Order of "Isabel la Católica". For those lacking knowledge of Spanish practices when it comes to awarding gongs, this is a seriously prestigious Spanish civil order granted in recognition of "services that benefit the country". Whatever next? An OBE, perhaps, for services to industrial relations? Surely not.

Drinks on Willie on plane to Spain

Having picked up his gong, Mr Walsh will be pleased to learn the Oneworld Alliance his airlines are members of has been awarded "Best Alliance for the Wines Served In-Flight by its Member Airlines" in the latest Cellars in the Sky Awards, run by Business Traveller Magazine. That award is almost as much of a mouthful as the honour he's due to pick up as the Spanish Embassy. And given relations with cabin staff are, well, still less than cordial he might be best advised to stay sober on the way home. You can get into trouble for air rage.

Take a trip on TFL's love bus

Transport for London has come up with a range of Valentine's gifts, headed by a pink women's T-shirt emblazoned with the number 38. The featured numeral used to adorn the 38 Routemaster bus route, which is (according to TFL anyway) affectionately known as the "Love Bus". For the uninitiated, it runs through Hackney and Islington to Victoria station. We're not sure how many women will exactly go weak at the knees upon receiving such a gift, but you never know. And full marks for imaginative merchandise. If only TFL was as creative when it comes to sorting out the capital's transport.

Sir Stuart lists his food of love

Talking of Valentine's, we see that Sir Stuart Rose has been giving his views on aphrodisiacs. The former M&S chairman's favourites depend on the season. For the winter it's, erm, steak and kidney pie. A good serving of that usually makes diary more interested in sleep than more athletic bedroom activities. But perhaps for Sir Stuart it's not just a steak and kidney pie, it's an M&S steak and kidney pie.