'Daughter' of sacked GM boss vents her anger

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A Facebook user called "Sarah Henderson" sparked a media frenzy yesterday after posting – and then pulling – an obscenity-laced rant about the sacking of General Motors' boss Fritz Henderson.

The user, claiming to be Mr Henderson's daughter, lashed out after a flood of correspondents on the GM fan page were discussing whether the sacking would help the US car-maker recover, or set back its progress. "He fucking got asked to step down all of you fucking idiots," she wrote. "Im Fritz's fucking daughter, and he did not fucking resign. Whitacre's [GM's chairman] a selfish piece of shift [sic], who cares about himself and not the fucking company. Have fun with GM, I hope to never buy from the God forsaken company every again. Fuck all of you."

The posting was captured in a screen shot before it was taken down. It could not be confirmed whether the author really was one of Mr Henderson's two daughters.