Deliveries hit their targets as Royal Mail strives to impress


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There was good news for the Government today ahead of its planned £3bn privatisation of Royal Mail this autumn, as the postal operator’s latest service report reveals it hit its delivery targets.

Ministers hope to impress potential investors with the statistics, showing it delivered 93.4 per cent of first class mail the next working day, against a target of 93 per cent, and 99 per cent within three working days, against a target of 98.5 per cent, in the first quarter of 2013. That is despite low morale among Royal Mail’s workforce – a report published last week revealed just 28 per cent of staff have confidence in the decisions of the senior management team, led by chief executive Moya Greene.

Fewer than four in 10 backed Royal Mail’s “strategy and direction” while 14 per cent claimed to have been bullied or harassed in the workplace, according to the postal group’s annual employee feedback survey.

Unions are at war with the Royal Mail over its privatisation plans.