Fisher-Price recalls toys and high chairs

The children's toy brand Fisher-Price has recalled hundreds of thousands of toys and high chairs amid safety concerns. The announcement is part of a wider US-led recall of more than 10 million items.

The British recall applies to 72,763 high chairs after 14 reports of problems in the US, including seven children requiring stitches. The UK chairs carry the names Basic Healthy Care Cow and Moon, Flutterby Dream, Aquarium Healthy Care and Link Deluxe Healthy Care. Children in the US have sustained injuries after falling on pegs designed to store trays on the back of the chairs.

Another 165,090 products with inflatable balls have also been recalled here after the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) said valves could pose a choking hazard.

A UK Fisher-Price spokeswoman said: "We want to reassure parents that our products are overwhelmingly safe."