These are the best 20 best perks and benefits offered by top companies

More than third of employees admit perks and benefits are amongst their top consideration before accepting a new job

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From free food to a day off for your birthday everyone enjoys a company that comes with benefits. But some employers go beyond pensions, healthcare or company cars to attract new talent, according to a report.

More than a third of employees admit perks and benefits are amongst their top consideration before accepting a new job, according to a survey of more than 1,000 people by Glassdoor, a recruiting website.

The best perks being offered by companies included an all expenses paid holiday for the whole staff from TransferWise, a £5,000 joining bonus offered by Huddle a software firm and a $2,000 (£1,413) travel allowance from Airbnb.

Joe Wiggins, Glassdoor career trends analyst said perks might “get people in the door” but when it comes to what keeps employee satisfied at their job it’s a different story.

Economic research, culture and values, career opport­unities and sen­ior leadership are the most imp­ortant factors in cultivating employee satisfaction, according to Glassdoor economic research.

“While benefits and perks are a great way to get employees interested in a company, they’re not among the leading factors that keep employees satisfied on the job long-term,“ Wiggins said. 

These are the 20 best perks and benefits offered by UK employers, according to Glassdoor.

1.    Huddle 


The software company gives employees a £5,000 joining bonus called a 'Huddle Cuddle', as well as a gift worth £500 every year.

2.    TransferWise 


The firm takes all staff members away on annual, all-expenses-paid company holidays.

3.    Airbnb 


Airbnb offers staff employees $2,000 (£1,413) to travel and see the world.

4.    Skyscanner 


Skyscanner, a website which enables people to find comparisons for flight, hotel and car hire, has negotiated employee discounts at the local pub and beauty salon.

5.    The Body Shop 

Arash Derambarsh, a municipal councillor for the commune of Courbevoie in Paris stands alongside other volunteers. He believes only legislation can prevent  food waste by large supermarkets.

The company pays staff for five volunteering days per year.

6.    Peninsula Business Services 


The HR, employment law and health and safety consultancy lays on a Christmas party for employees' children.

7.    AutoTrader UK


AutoTrader UK  has a wine club, giving employees discounted wine delivered to their door every month.

8.    Jive Software 


The company offers staff free food including Bacon Thursday and Hot Food Friday, healthy snacks, free drinks including soft drinks, beers on tap and coffee.

9.    Opus Professional Services 

Tenuta Borgia, Italy

Opus Professional Services  has a villa in Italy that employees can use free of charge whenever they want.

10.    Visualsoft 


The firm offers unlimited holiday time and unmonitored flexitime, allowing staff to take the time off that they need.

11.    CA Technologies


CA Technologies helps parents out with an on-site Montessori daycare facility.

12.    Rackspace


The company offers employees an extra day off for their birthday

13.    Allen & Overy


Allen & Overy provides a GP and dentist on-site, helping to keep employees' health in tip-top condition.

14.    Pentland Brands 


Pentland Brands provides an on-site swimming pool, gym, tennis court and football pitch.

15.    ARM Holdings 


ARM Holdings offers employees a 4-week sabbatical for every 4 years of service.

16.    ASOS 


Staff benefit from a 40 per cent discount on website purchases.

17.    Swinton Insurance 


The insurance company gives employees an additional day's holiday for Christmas shopping.

18.    Google 


The tech giant provides employees with free food while they are at work, with a range of different cuisines on offer.

19.    Jagex 


Jagex, UK’s largest independent developer and publisher of online games offers staff free bicycle repairs at the office, encouraging them to cycle to work and keep fit.

20.    Holiday Extras 


The company hires out a cinema every year and offers a free film showing to all employees and their families.