Greece crisis: Crowdfunding campaign crashes Indiegogo, raises half a million in just three days

The campaign rewards contributors with postcards of Alexis Tsipras and Greek feta and olive salads

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A crowdfunding campaign trying to raise €1.6 billion to bail out Greece crashed the Indiegogo website on Tuesday night.

By Wednesday morning the page was up and running again with over half a million euros in contributions.

The campaign, which was started by Thom Feeney, promises contributors rewards such as a ‘Postcard of Alex (sic) Tsipras’, ‘Greek Feta and Olive Salad’ and ‘Bottle of Ouzo’.

Contributions of €5000 get a Greek holiday for two.

On Wednesday, Feeney posted a breakdown of donations on Twitter to show that Germans were the biggest contributors. Germans had posted a total of more than €10,000.

Feeney, who is 29 and lives in Bethnal Green, London, said he was fed up of European politicians failing to act to help the Greek people.

“€1.6bn is a relatively small in the grand scheme of things,” Feeney told The Independent. “In fact, you could raise that money by everyone in the EU just having a feta and olive salad for lunch today.

So why don't we just do that? Bypass the dithering politicians and the people of Europe fund a bailout. We get a tasty lunch, Greece gets economic stability.”

Feeney said he had no connection to Greece, other than consuming a lot of their national produce.

Feeney has been overwhelmed with positive comments. “OK Greece has made mistakes, but let’s forgive them and do ‘the right thing’ by supporting them from the grassroots of society,” said Phil Butterworth on the Indiegogo page.

One commenter pointed out that for Feeney to reach the €1.6bn target, he would need to raise €200,000 a minute.