Greece crisis: New poll sees Greeks shun Tsipras after he fails to back down from referendum

A new poll has shown the majority of Greeks will vote yes to the EU austerity programme

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A poll by euro2day has shown that the majority of Greeks will vote ‘yes’ to austerity measures proposed by Greece’s creditors.

According to the poll, which was published yesterday afternoon, 47.1 per cent of Greeks will vote yes to austerity measures in the referendum and 43.2 per cent will vote no.

The same poll showed that Greece would vote overwhelmingly to say in the eurozone, with over three-quarters voting to keep the euro.

The figures reveal that Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras still has everything to fight for after a day in which he stood firm that Greece would go to the polls.

Tsipras was widely expected to back down from the referendum after he accepted most of the bailout terms that had been proposed for a package of aid that expired on Monday night.

“Come Monday, the Greek government will be at the negotiating table after the referendum, with better terms for the Greek people,” Tsipras tweeted.

The German chancellor Angela Merkel said that there would be no further negotiation on a bailout package for the Greek government until after Sunday.

“Compromise at any cost is not possible,” Merkel said at the Bundestag on Wednesday. “Otherwise Europe will be lost.”

An earlier poll, conducted by the ProRata institute and published in the Efimerida ton Syntatkton newspaper, showed that before the banks, closed 57 per cent of people would vote 'no' to reject the troika’s proposals. After the banks closed this dropped to 46 per cent.