Levi's former denim brand Big 'E' up for sale

Denim manufacturer DNA Limited is selling the brand's intellectual property

A denim brand once owned by jeans giant Levi Strauss is now up for sale for a six figure sum.

Big ‘E’ Jeans was the label used by Levi to describe its jeans made before 1971 – their famous red tab jeans made before this date featured the letter e in Levi in upper case.

Levi Strauss & Co stopped using the branding in recent years and in 2010 denim manufacturer DNA Limited registered the trade mark for Big ‘E’ and the domain which Levi surrendered due to non-use.

DNA created a range of jeans under the label that it has been selling for the last few years.

Now it hopes to cash in on the name and sell all the intellectual property relating to the brand.

It has hired Glasgow-based trademark specialists Metis Partners to sell the name which could reach six figures.

Stephen Robertson at Metis Partners, said: “The ‘Big E’ brand was formerly manufactured and owned by Levi Strauss & Co. The sale includes the extensive trade mark portfolio providing global protection, a registered Community rear-pocket design, domain and website and rights to the Big ‘E’ social media accounts.”

There has been demand in recent years for companies to buy existing brand names that will add heritage, history and authenticity to a product rather than create a new name.