Mark Zuckerberg Q&A: What we learnt about the Facebook founder


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Yesterday, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg kept busy taking questions during a Q&A session at the company's headquarters in Menlo Park, California. We watched the entire thing for you and selected the best bits. This is what you need to know:

Why is camera-shy Mark Zuckerberg doing Q&A sessions and answering questions from the public in the first place?

Facebook does a weekly Q&A session. Doing a public session was the next step in Facebook's bid to get more feedback from users and, in Zuckerberg's words, learn how to better serve the community.

Facebook is not a waste of time.

Since when is keeping people connected a waste of time? Zuckerberg says Facebook society is wrong and "kind of sad" if staying in touch with friends is considered a waste of time.

Dislike button?

Yes, it's on the cards but Zuckerberg is concerned it could be used in a "demeaning" way and he doesn't want people juding what's likeable or dislikeable on Facebook.

But he does see value in expressing more emotions- and recognises that people share "sad and tough" moments on Facebook, but it has to be done in the right way.

Make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes and it's the learning process.

Use your real name on Facebook. Zuckerberg thinks it's easier to find someone if they use their real name *surprise* but, most importantly, it''s about creating a safe community.

He won't allow his kids to join Facebook until they turn 13.

That's the minimum age required to get a Facebook profile. Zuckerberg said technology shaped his life as a teenager and it turned out to be a good thing (well, he is a billionaire and runs a multi-billion dollar company)but bullying at schools is a real issue and should not be taken lightly.

What else did we find out? Zuckerberg's favourite pizza topping is fried chicken and he takes his New Year's resolutions very seriously. Some of these include learning how to cook (which apparently he does all the time and thinks it's fun) and learning Chinese (he recently completed another Q&A session in Mandarin). He's still considering his options for 2015.Suggestions? Write them in the comments section on the Q&A with Mark Facebook page.