Nando's honours Stormzy with his own #Merky Burger

A mocked up menu of the #Merky Burger is circulating on social media

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Nando's have honoured UK rapper and grime star Stormzy with his own burger.

The #Merky Burger is the newest addition to the Nando's menu. It contains grilled Halloumi cheese in a toasted Portuguese roll and is named after one of Stormzy's favourite phrases. #Merky is also the name of Stormzy's Beats 1 radio show.

Stormzy tweeted Nando's on Monday with a picture of his two favourite items on the menu together.

"Halloumi cheese and garlic break is a burger in itself. Need to get that going on the menu @NandosUK," he said.

A day later, Nando's replied with an amended picture of its menu with the #Merky Burger at the top.

Nando's press office has since said that the burger will not be a regular fixture on its menu. 

“It's a mocked up image,” a spokesperson told The Voice.

“But customers can order all the ingredients and make it themselves.”

Stormzy, real name Michael Omari, recently returned from Oxford where he gave a motivational talk to the Guild Society, which has thousands of members and holds more than 80 events a year. 

The same society hosted Kanye West in March 2015.