Parliament calls in EADS for cyber protection


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Pan-European aerospace and defence giant EADS has been asked to protect MPs’ and Lords’ computers from being hacked by cyber terrorists.

EADS’s cyber division, Cassidian, has been handed a three-year contract by the Houses of Parliament to improve security at a time when Britain’s technology infrastructure is under attack as never before. Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude commissioned a report that found the cost of cyber crime to the British economy could be as much as £27bn.

There are more than 7,000 users on Parliament’s network, including researchers and advisers in constituency offices.

Cassidian’s UK boss, Michael Stevens, said: “Cassidian has a proven track record of providing network monitoring and security solutions for the UK Government’s information infrastructure, including protecting networks with the most sensitive and secret data traffic. This contract enables the use of Cassidian’s recognised knowledge and experience to help to defend the Parliament ICT network.”

It is thought the contract is worth less than £1m, but Cassidian would not confirm this.