Petrol to be cut to below £1 by Morrisons amid growing price war

Move expected to trigger price war between supermarket rivals

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Morrisons has cut the price of unleaded petrol to 99.9p a litre in a move expected to trigger a price war between supermarket rivals.

Shoppers who spend £50 or more in stores will be able to fill their cars with the cheaper petrol from Monday.

It was cut from £1.09. The offer will be available until 3 December.

Roger Fogg, services director at Morrisons, said: “With Christmas around the corner, our customers tell us they very much welcome our help in reducing the cost of their fuel.

"That’s why we are turning the clock back to the start of this year when petrol prices were typically below £1-a-litre.”

The supermarket will also cut the cost of diesel by 10p, to just over £1.

Fuel prices have been particularly affected by the Brexit vote, which led to a sharp fall in the value of the pound.

The UK is the 16th most expensive country in the world at the pumps.