'Stalemate' in airport job loss talks

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Talks between union leaders and a ground handling firm at Stansted airport over job losses and new shifts have reached "stalemate", officials said today.

The GMB said it had failed to reach agreement with Swissport over plans to cut 90 jobs by next week and the "unilateral" introduction of a new shift system.

Union official Gary Pearce said: "This new shift system that Swissport plan to impose will require staff to work six days without a break and restrict the amount of staff that can take their children on holiday during their summer, Easter and Christmas breaks.

"GMB is concerned that the reduction in staffing levels and an unworkable shift system could result in disruption for passengers on flights in the run-up to Christmas.

"Swissport claim that Ryanair have told them to reduce the number of staff they employ on the Ryanair contract at Stansted."