Starbucks is putting coconut milk on the menu in all its US stores

The new addition follows high demand on the coffee company's online ideas platform MyStarbucksIdea

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If you’re so over dairy and soy milk just isn’t cutting it for you then never fear – because now you can enjoy your favourite Starbucks beverage with coconut milk (if you’re on US soil).

The homeland of the coffee giant is rolling out the alternative nationwide, following high demand on its online ideas platform, which asks latte lovers and their ilk to offer up their suggestions for improving the menu.

And more than 84,000 people decided that the one thing Starbucks was missing was coconut milk.

In response the company has introduced Starbucks Single Origin Sumatra Coconut Milk, which will be available to its customers from 17 February. The vegan option is sourced from single-origin coconuts from the Indonesian island of Sumatra.

"Delivering the options our customers want is always the highlight of my day," said Christine Barone, Starbucks vice president brewed espresso.

"We have a high bar for anything we pair with our high quality espresso and this coconut milk is smooth and perfectly complements the coffee. I personally love it in an iced vanilla latte. We are excited to hear back what further customer and partner customization coconut milk inspires."

Coconut milk is beloved by health-conscious coffee-lovers. Full of vitamins and high in fibre, it is lactose free and suitable for vegans. However, it is high in saturated fat so should be consumed in moderation.

Meanwhile, ideas are still clocking up for further innovations at Starbucks. Whether it is a call for sugar-free syrups, a banana caramel Frappuccino or festive-flavoured drinks all year round, this coffee generation wants more.