Tesla's Elon Musk unveils ' The D'- but it's not a self-driving car

Turns out 'D' stands for dual motor- not self driving as some fans were hoping for

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Billionaire CEO Elon Musk has finally revealed the 'D'. And it wasn't the self-driving car fans were hoping for.

Instead, Tesla unveiled a new, all-wheel drive version of the Model S with a series of exotic, high tech features. The D has a dual motor and can accelerate from 0 to 100kph in just three seconds in line with Ferrari and Porsche.

Speaking at a media event in Los Angeles on Thursday night, Musk described the new car as "nuts" and a "roller coaster" ride, but investors weren't as impressed. The stock was down 3 per cent in pre-market trade on Friday morning. Last week, Musk teased fans with a mysterious tweet promising to "unveil the D" and "something else". The photograph accompanying the tweet showed a Tesla vehicle peeking behind a garage door with a letter "D" on it. Shares jumped 4 per cent the day after the tweet, or $2 billion.


Fans speculated the electric car giant was about to launch a self-driving Tesla vehicle. Musk himself had previously said the company is actively working on "self-driving" capabilities. In an interview with CNN, Musk said the next Tesla car, set to launch in 2015, "will probably be 90 per cent capable of autopilot".

There will be three versions of The D, with different sized batteries, with the top-of-the-line model, the P85D, expected to become available in December. The other two Teslas, the 60D and the 85D, will likely land in February 2015. This line of vehicle will cost between $89,000 and $120,000.