Warburtons top British product in Kantar Worldpanel's survey


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British food brands are the top choice for UK shoppers, with Warburtons bread at No 1, a survey has revealed.

Warburtons, McVitie’s biscuits and Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate were all rated among the top 10 food brands by domestic consumers, researchers at the retail analyst Kantar Worldpanel found.

Alison Martin, the director of Kantar Worldpanel, said: “The world consumer market continues to be dominated by a small number of global brands, but in Britain we’re opting for local names.

“Classic British brands, such as Warburtons and McVitie’s, have a rich understanding of their consumers, create products that are tailored to the tastes of their home market and deliver marketing and messaging that appeal to the domestic audience.”

Local brands – those that are sold in just one country – were growing almost twice as fast as their global rivals, Kantar said.

Ms Martin said larger, global brands needed to adapt their products to suit local tastes and create advertising campaigns that appealed to them.

However, some global brands also scored highly in the study, with Heinz and Coca-Cola making the top 10.