Web theatre firm puts British talent on show

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A business that streams Britain's top theatre productions across the world via the internet is set to receive a funding boost from Patrick McKenna's Ingenious media empire.

Digital Theatre, a business founded by former film executives nearly three years ago, is the first investment made by Ingenious Ventures' Media Opportunities Fund. The fund – estimated to reach £20m – is still raising money and will make acquisitions in design, creative, fashion and media industries.

The investment in Digital Theatre, initially £750,000, will help it expand the number of theatres it serves in Britain and potentially overseas. It already has 15 theatres signed up in the UK and viewers in 155 countries.

Robert Delamere, the company's chief executive, said: "This is about democratising access to the theatre. We are exporting great British art."

Digital Theatre uses multiple camera angles and high- definition technology to ensure viewers get a similar experience to those in theatres.

Patrick Bradley, Ingenious Venture's chief executive, said: "Digital Theatre absolutely fits with the core of what we want to do. Despite all the troubles for the economy, Britain has a thriving creative sector that is worth investing in."