Windows warning for IT

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Over half of the UK's large businesses are putting themselves at risk of cyber-attacks and security breaches by sticking with Windows XP, according to new research.

A survey of IT chiefs at 250 businesses by Vision Critical found the majority are dragging their feet over the looming wind up of Windows XP support.

Next April, Microsoft will stop its free security updates of its operating system and companies have been advised to give themselves 18 to 32 months to switch to the newer Windows 7 operating system. But the survey found 58 per cent of firms have yet to start the process, leaving them at risk once the support ends.

Adrian Foxall, the chief executive of migration specialists Camwood, warned bosses to take the move seriously. He said: "Failure to do so will put their company in jeopardy. With the clock ticking, IT and the board need to work to migrate to a new operating system that will support their organisation now and into the future."