Wolf of Shenfield Robin Clark back in hospital after cruel City prank

City trader was shot in the leg by a balaclava-wearing gunman in a car park

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A City trader who was shot in the leg ended up in hospital on his first day back at work after his colleagues played a cruel prank on him.

Robin Clark, 44, nicknamed The Wolf of Shenfield, needed medical treatment after pranksters at the office sneaked up on him and shouted "Bang!" causing him to slip and re-open his leg wound.

The twice-divorced father of four had previously been shot in the leg - by unknown assailants - at 5.55am on 24 January by a balaclava-wearing gunman in the car park at Shenfield station.

Using a sawn-off shotgun, the gunman fired once at point-blank range, leaving a fist-sized wound.

British Transport Police have made no arrests. Police believe Clark was deliberately targeted. At the time, Clark told investigators he had "no idea why someone would want to hurt me like this".

Speaking from his hospital bed, he told The Sun newspaper the incident made him fear for his life.

"I said a quick prayer because I thought this was going to be the end. I thought I was going to bleed to death before any help would come.'

Last year he rented out his £2.2 million five-bedroom mansion in Ingatestone after running into debt. 

A county court judgment was filed against him for debts of £14,653. The day before the shooting he tried to sell his luxury Range Rover car for £10,000.

A source close to him said the trader went through a difficult divorce and was saddled with debt.

Brokerage firm RP Martin declined to comment on the incident. It is understood Clark has returned to work as a derivatives trader in the City.