One student wins on Budget: Only two in 2,000 entries predicted all the Chancellor's moves

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NEARLY 2,000 readers entered our competition to pick the winning entries in the Budget stakes.

Only two jumped all the 10 hurdles. But there is just one winner of a case of champagne from accountants Coopers & Lybrand - Mike Hulme.

Mr Hulme is a mature student and plans to make his champagne last a few years. 'But I'll be drinking some at Christmas.' He is studying at the University of Staffordshire and hopes to run his own restaurant eventually.

Mr Hulme was not dismayed by Kenneth Clarke's move to cut the student grant and swing the emphasis on to student loans. 'I don't think students should have their education paid for by other taxpayers, but my view is not that of a typical student.' He has had to save hard to be able to stop working and return to studying and does not resent having had to take up a student loan.

Congratulations also go to our runner-up, Mr S P Wood of Sheffield, who also answered all the questions correctly.

Hundreds of readers throught that the Chancellor would meddle with VAT.

Moira Elms, personal financial planning partner at Coopers & Lybrand, who acted as steward along with tax expert Louise Burke, said: 'We had all been expecting something a bit harsher on direct taxes or some extension of VAT.

She said the accountants were surprised that so much had come from spending cuts.

'At least wine and champagne drinkers will not have to pay more duty until after the Christmas festivities.'

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