Share Update: How our existing shares are doing

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Our star shares continue to be in Acorn. We bought them a few months ago for 65p and they have recently touched 181p. At our February meeting we decided to take some of our profits and run, but despite selling half our holding, we are still holding on to a huge profit. We still believe that if Acorn unlocks its holding in high-flying technology stock ARM then the shares will be worth a punt.

We also discussed taking our profits on Oxford Glycosciences, which is still showing a 108 per cent gain. But by a wafer-thin majority we decided to hold on.

AB Airlines has plummeted. Growing worries about a life-or-death price war in the airlines market have caused investors to dump AB. It floated only last year at 95p, but it recently hit 32p. We eventually decided to sell a share that has dropped by more than 50 per cent in one month. If this happens then something is seriously amiss and it must be worth bailing out before the company goes down. AB is nowhere near that point but we are concerned.