Small Business Profile: Intafood

Danny Moore started Manchester-based IntaFood in 2009
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The combination of novelty and passion is often a recipe for success in business. And for Danny Moore, 29, that’s proven to be the case in more ways than one. His business idea came about after he had fallen in love with Asian food having eaten his way around India, Thailand, China and Japan. “When I got home”, explains Moore, “I wanted to recreate authentic meals but struggled to get even close and realised that I needed lessons from a trained chef. But all I could find in Manchester were either professional or college courses which set me thinking about how to solve the problem.”

Moore used Google to locate blogs from like-minded people who also wanted to learn how to cook authentic Asian meals. He was surprised at just how many people thought like he did and decided that there must be a business opportunity and so IntaFood was born ten months ago. Initially IntaFood operated as a “brochure” website announcing that cookery courses were going to be held in Manchester restaurants. Next a competition was launched offering free places on the courses which generated over 500 entries. And with those entries came valuable market research data about what entrants – his potential customers - really wanted.

Since that launch Moore has built up his business model and IntaFood now offers courses with trained chefs at a range of restaurants in Manchester. Those restaurants now cater for Italian and Mexican food courses alongside Japanese, Thai, Indian and Chinese. Lessons usually run for around 2½ hours and cost £49 including the food – which you eat after the course or take away. Each lesson has an IntaFood “host” who ensures that customers get the best out of working with a professional chef. And, reflecting the broad appeal of food, wine and cooking events, IntaFood provides them for corporate “team building” exercises and for private parties.

Whilst the core business is based in Manchester, Moore sees the potential to roll out the model into other cities across the UK. But he also sees opportunities for his “Inta” brand philosophy in areas outside of the food arena. “Our company is all about personal development”, says Moore, “and I am convinced that we can help people improve their life in lots of other areas.” And for the immediate future Moore plans to launch “IntaCocktails” and “IntaWine” which, as he says, “should offer the complete IntaExperience!”