Soccer agent accused in writ: Correction

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On 13 December we reported the High Court case brought by the liquidator of Anglo American, the US insurance company, against Mr Melvyn Stein for allegedly assisting, through his firm's client account, Mr Miro, the alleged insurance fraudster. We stated that Mr Jay and Mr Swede, partners in Finers, were directors of Anglo American Trust.

We have been asked to make clear that Mr Jay and Mr Swede had ceased to be directors of Anglo American Trust before the first payment to that company complained of in the writ was made.

We have also been asked to make clear that the writ makes no allegation of personal impropriety against any partner in the firm of Finers other than Mr Stein. The allegations against him are strenuously denied by Mr Stein and Finers and relate solely to the movement of funds through his firm's client account on the specific instructions of Mr Miro. There is no suggestion of personal gain by Mr Stein or his firm.

We are also asked to make clear that in June 1990, months before proceedings were issued, Finers sought directions from the High Court and obtained an order entitling them to freeze assets of Mr Miro under their control.