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o Durlacher, the stockbroker, is bringing a film-making company to the 4.2 share market. It is raising up to pounds 2.3m for Metrodome through a share offer at 20p. The cash will be used to finance Metrodome's own productions and allow it to help other companies make films. Durlacher, which was behind the revamp of BCE, the computer games group, has ambitions to become a power in entertainment and media finance.

o There are indications the long-suspected corporate action is soon to occur at John Mansfield, the little timber group which came to the market a year ago. With a valuation of pounds 3m Mansfield has been regarded as little more than a shell since its debut. The entrepreneur Alan Sharman has built a 9.5 per cent stake and a Bahamas group has picked up 5 per cent. The shares held at 3.5p with 26 million printed.