Taking Stock

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United Energy has edged ahead 4.5p to 23p this year; intriguing rumours are swirling around. One is a tender offer for 29.9 per cent of the capital is about to be rolled out; another is a US strike. The tender terms are said to be either 25p or 30p with those supporting the bid rumour shooting for a 35p hit price. UE, with an asset value of around 25p, was down to 11p in the summer.

There is talk of action at Geo Interactive Media, an internet software company. The shares need a boost. Placed at 100p the price touched 112p, then fell to 55.5p. They rose 8p to 75.5p.

Pearson gained 21p to 780.5p; helped by new chief executive Marjorie Scardino buying 10,000 shares at 776p.