The City roundup video: EasyJet reports a bumper year, DreamWorks-Hasbro merger talks end

Video: Lucy Tobin provides a run-down of the day's major news from the City

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If you've been seeing a lot of orange in the sky recently, it's not spectacular sun rises or sets - but probably another EasyJet plane soaring away to somewhere exotic, or to Newcastle.

The budget carrier, piloted by chief executive Carolyn McCall, has had a stonkingly successful year, with both leisure and business passengers piling onto its planes and profit up 22 per cent to £581 million.

Elsewhere, my personal hopes for a blockbuster film called Boggle: the Scramble for Truth or Monopoly: the movie faded fast today. The toy company behind the two board games walked away from a potential $3 billion merger with American studio Dreamworks, which could have seen its characters brought to the silver screen.

Lastly, there was fresh insight into the scale of the price war raging between supermarkets today as sales across the entire UK grocery market fell for the first time since records began. Bu