The only way is up: why should you add another floor to your business?


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Finding space is often hard, especially if you have a lot of stuff. If your company or business specialises in storing items or simply sells products from a wide range of stock then you may be crying out for extra space.

Whilst including racking and extra shelving could solve the problem short term you ideally need something that is going to last for a longer expanse of time. So why not decide to opt for mezzanine floors?

Mezzanine floors and businesses

It doesn’t matter whether you need one in a warehouse, office or a retail outlet, mezzanine floors can be installed more or less anywhere and in any environment or location. They are easy and convenient and make fantastic use of a space that you wouldn’t usually think to use.

The extra space that you will have gained can be used in a variety of ways. There are many companies that provide a good reliable service. To make sure that the mezzanine suits your needs they must be structured to load-bearing capacity.

Mezzanine floors and their uses

For those wondering what use mezzanine floors can have in their business, here are a few examples:

  • Extra storage for you and your company - the good thing about getting a mezzanine floor is that they provide a huge amount of extra space. They can also be good for storing items away from the main warehouse to avoid any confusion and mix up.
  • Office space - having a mezzanine floor can really save you money in the long run. By having an extra floor you will have created extra space which means you do not have to relocate to larger offices.
  • Production and distribution - by installing an extra floor you can allow your workforce to work together more efficiently. Functions such as sorting and handling information can happen near or on site so everything is within easy distance of one another. This provides an efficient way of running a company.
  • Use your unused space - the space between the floor and the roof is quite possibly one of the biggest spaces in an area, so why not use this to your full advantage? Mezzanines can be up to five storeys high if needed (building height depending) so you really are maximising your buildings capacity to its optimum.
  • Health and safety - health and safety is of vital importance but by having a mezzanine floor you can expand your floor space safely. All safety regulations will be met and both the flooring and the mezzanine’s access will be in full compliance with fire and health and safety regulations.

Just remember to choose a company that will build the floor for you with all your needs and requirements taken into account. You will want to be involved every step of the way so make sure you know exactly what is going on - especially in regards to the health and safety and fire protection.