The Week Ahead

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TODAY 17.10.94 Interims: Birch & Noble, BMSS, Bristol Scotts, Castle Mill International, Eurotunnel, Farnell Electronics, Forward Technology, Geared Income Investment Trust, Kelt Energy, Richards Group, Riva Group.

Finals: Gartmore British Income, Highland Distilleries, London & Strathclyde, MY Holdings, Waste Management International (third quarter).

TOMORROW 18.10.94 CBI survey of distributive trades (September). Public sector borrowing requirement (September). Construction - new orders (August).

Interims: Automated Security (third quarter), William Bedford, Henry Boot & Sons, Templeton Latin America.

Finals: Hong Kong Investment Trust, Paterson Zochonis, River & Merc Extra, SmithKline Beecham, Town Centre Securities.

WEDNESDAY 19.10.94 Retail sales (September). Financial statistics (October).

Interims: English National Investment Trust, Glenchewton, Harrington Kilbride, Havelock Europa, Seafield, Warnford Investments.

Finals: DFS, Exmoor Dual Investment Trust, Smiths Industries.

THURSDAY 20.10.94 Engineering sales and orders at current and constant prices (August). Motor vehicle production (September). Building societies' monthly figures (September). British banking groups' monthly statement (September).

Provisional estimates of M4 and counterparts (September).

Interims: Airflow Streamlines, Anagen, Chesterfield Properties, City of Oxford Investment Trust, Davenport Vernon, Ferguson International, Gartmore British Income & Growth, Hoare Govett Smaller Index, Kleinwort Endowment Policy, London American Growth, New Throgmorton Trust (1983), Yorklyde.

Finals: Amstrad, Cradley Group Holdings, ECU Trust, Albert Fisher, Gleeson Group, Govett Strategic Investment, Kleinwort Second Endowment, Superscape VR, Tweefontein United Collieries.

FRIDAY 21.10.94 Balance of trade with countries outside the European Union (September).

Gross domestic product (third quarter, preliminary estimate).

Interims: AAF Industries, Alida Holdings, Hunting.

Finals: Air London International.