But in Bosnia, the killings go on

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SARAJEVO (Reuter) - Nine people died when a mortar bomb crashed into a queue in Sarajevo yesterday as rival Serbian and Muslim militias ignored pleas for peace made at the conference in London.

Conflicting accounts of the attack in the Cengic Vila district said the victims had been queuing either for a bus or for bread. An attack on a bread queue in May killed 16 people, causing international outrage.

In a lightning raid on the central Bosnian town of Novi Travnik, Serbian jets were reported to have completely destroyed a key Croatian arms and vehicle factory on Wednesday. A huge funnel of black smoke, visible for 30 miles, rose from the Bratstvo industrial complex after the first serious attack on the ethnically mixed town in four months of sectarian fighting in Bosnia. The vast complex was known to be an important producer of arms and heavy vehicles for the Bosnian Croats and Muslims.

Local people said air raid sirens sounded moments before five Serbian MiGs appeared over Novi Travnik, unleashing a mix of 500lb bombs and 120mm rockets in three swoops lasting about an hour.