C4 defies Maxwell broadcastwarning

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Channel 4 proceeded last night with the broadcast of a programme about Robert Maxwell in spite of warnings from the Attorney General's office that it could have been in contempt of court.

The Attorney General told the broadcaster that charges were still outstanding against Kevin Maxwell, the late tycoon's son, and that therefore there was a risk that the programme could be considered prejudicial to any future trial.

A similar warning from the Attorney General resulted in another programme about Robert Maxwell being postponed by the BBC on Monday night.

A spokesman for Channel 4 said: "Our lawyers gave proper consideration to the letter [from the Attorney General] and we have decided to transmit the programme.

"We do not talk about his [Robert Maxwell's] business but his relationship with the Soviets, Israelis and others."

Kevin Maxwell was acquitted of charges related to defrauding the Maxwell pension funds last Friday but the Serious Fraud Office is still considering whether to proceed with further charges against him and others.