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I Was born in 1939. A few years ago I was told my blood pressure was so high that I would succumb quickly via a stroke or heart attack. I was crippled with arthritis and hospitalised three to four times a year. A member of my family suggested cannabis. Out of sheer desperation I tried it. After a week of smoking 3-4 a day my psoriasis had virtually gone and my blood pressure was normal. Decriminalise cannabis for medical reasons, for goodness sake.



Staunch anti-cannabis campaigners assume that every user's intention is to get stoned,but it has been almost a quarter of a century since I was last in that condition. I look forward to when encouragement of sensible cannabis use is regarded as responsible behaviour.

Mr "Pipe and Slippers"


Please stop filling your paper with tedious articles on cannabis. They are all non-logical, prejudiced and disconnected from reality. An independent approach should look at people who have given up and the effects on personality and health.

Lucian Wischik

Queens' College, Cambridge

I Am a physician and assistant clinical professor of geriatrics. I have not seen health problems from cannabis of the magnitude of those from tobacco or alcohol.

John Daly

California, USA