Charity campaign pulls no punches

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The NSPCC is using a hard-hitting image of child abuse on closed- circuit TV in a new advertising campaign that has been inspired by the image of Jamie Bulger being led away by his murderers. The three new ads, which are unveiled on 3,500 posters today, show children being violently abused in order to highlight the dangers to children of physical violence.

The pounds 500,000 campaign has been sponsored by BT, uses the excuses that are sometimes used to cover up physical abuse such as "He slipped in the bath" or "She ran into the door".

Saatchi & Saatchi, the charity's advertising agency filmed actors with a low-quality TV camera and then played that back on a TV and photographed the screen. The agency wanted a grainy image that would look like a closed- circuit TV or hidden camera scene from a documentary. The typed lettering of the excuses is supposed to be reminiscent of a social worker's notes.

Marian Rose, a spokeswoman for the NSPCC, said the advertising was a departure from typical charity advertising. "People just don't notice a stereotyped charity ad anymore. They see the instantly recognisable black and white shot and with bold lettering below it, think `oh, charity' and then automatically switch off."