Communication breakdown in the office - and at home

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Communication breakdown

in the office - and at home

Britain's bosses could do with a crash course in communication, it is claimed today. The majority give instructions that are unclear, ignore ideas from staff and fail to consult them before decisions are made, according to the National Communication Survey: Listening to the Nation, published by The BT Forum.

Things are no better at home either. Although most people realise the importance of communicating - especially with those closest to us - we find it difficult to put this into practice.

The overwhelming majority (95 per cent) believe that many failing marriages could be saved if partners became better at talking to each other. However, more than half said they were more likely to give up on a relationship than try to communicate. Forty per cent said they did not feel comfortable talking about deep feelings or sex with their partner.

Almost half (44 per cent) said they would like to be better at telling others about things that worry them, and as many as 63 per cent would like to be better at getting their point across to other people.