Consumerism: Male creches for bored shoppers

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As the January sales scrum kicks off, research warns that one in two British couples who shop together end up arguing.

The study for Bluewater - a massive retail complex due to open in Kent in next year - suggests male creches as the solution to stop couples bickering.

The creches would provide "time out" opportunities (male-focused entertainment such as bars) and "escape lanes" such as computer shops.

"We discovered that most couples find it difficult to synchronise their different shopping patterns," said Jeff Klein, Bluewater's marketing director.

Men preferred short bursts of shopping compared to women's preference for longer stints. With their partner's "shopping clock" running at a different speed, there was a danger that women will find their bored partner has wandered away just when they most want feedback.

"Approximately 60 per cent of the women we surveyed prefer to make purchases over pounds 100 when they are with their partners," said Klein.