Statement by Mr Hodson's legal representatives

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Mr Hodson's representatives have stated that:

1) Mr Hodson should not be singled out in criticisms of the system which allowed the neglect and abuse suffered by the Doncaster brothers to 'fester'. The Executive Summary of Doncaster's Safeguarding Children Board's Serious Case Review specifically criticises the failure of the Council to take action in relation to the brothers in the 'several months' leading to the attack in 2009 - Mr Hodson left the Council in 2007.

2) Mr Hodson was recruited by Doncaster Council in 2005 specifically to effect strategic changes to the structure of the Council, as part of the implementation of an 'innovative change' in structure put in place by the management of the Council at the time.

3) Whilst Mr Hodson can correctly be described as 'not a social worker, it is not fair to say that he lacked the necessary experience for his specific role - namely strategy implementation - at the Council.'