Cybersurfers' modem manifesto

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The Internet community has thrown up some novel ideas for consideration by the next government.

Among the "practical suggestions" by cybersurfers for consideration by the next Cabinet are that it should dissolve Parliament to save money, dye cigarette smoke fluorescent green to alert people to passive smoking, and keep the pubs open all night.

Perhaps the most macabre idea was that all car steering wheels should be fitted with a metal spike aimed at the driver's heart to encourage safe motoring.

The proposals were solicited by Alec Reed, chairman of employment agency Reed Personnel Services, who believes "passionately that people and their ideas make a difference". Ideas placed in Reed's "1,000 Ideas" Internet Web site were supplemented with mailings to more than 38,000 clients .

Transport in general, and motorists in particular, seemed to loom large in people's concerns. One plan was that banned drivers should be allowed a moped licence for the second half of their sentence so that they could experience the vulnerability felt by other road users. The health police made several contributions including the suggestion that unhealthy food should be the subject of tax in the same way as tobacco and alcohol.

A call is made to bring back grocery and butcher shops. One nethead declared: "People are getting bored with shopping in big supermarkets which are bending over backwards to squeeze the last penny out of shoppers with their marketing tricks."

A scheme to place martial arts on the National Curriculum might be less than popular with teachers in schools with more than their fair share of unruly pupils.

Mr Reed said: "The ideas we have received show that people want trouble- free travel, honest MPs, taxation which benefits people and an education which gives real life skill, all in an environmentally friendly world. "

The suggestion least likely to be taken up by the parties is that MPs should be breathalysed before being allowed to vote in the Commons. An empty chamber could be a touch embarrassing.