Drivers should face urban tolls

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More than two in five people believe motorists should have to pay to drive in busy urban areas, a survey claimed yesterday.

More than half of those questioned by the NOP research group felt that pollution from traffic affected their health. But more than a quarter said they were not really bothered by traffic pollution.

The survey also showed that Nine in 10 thought pollution from traffic fumes had worsened in recent years, and that 23 per cent believed that car tax and petrol prices should go up to discourage car usage.

Meanwhile, one third said the Government should keep on building as many new roads as is necessary to meet demand.and 35 per cent of men and 31 per cent of women did not see why drivers should cut back on car usage.

"There may be no simple solution to the problem of traffic pollution, but most people now appear to accept that an overall reduction in car usage in Britain - particularly in urban areas - will improve their quality of life in the long term," said NOP