Drug dealer tortured woman rival

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A member of a violent drugs gang, Manjeet Gill, of Esher, Surrey, was yesterday found guilty of kidnapping and imprisoning a rival woman drug-dealer who suffered a 72-hour ordeal which included a mock execution.

The 27-year-old was stripped and repeatedly tortured with electric shocks. She was also beaten, her long hair was hacked off, and she was threatened with scalding water and told her fingers would be amputated. The woman, who was repeatedly told she was going to be killed, was only freed after frantic relatives raised a pounds 9,000 ransom. At one point, the gang leader, Barclay Walters, pulled out a gun, loaded it with a single round, held it to her temple and pulled the trigger. The woman eventually recovered physically, but would remain mentally scarred for life, Knightsbridge Crown Court was told. Gill was cleared of conspiracy to blackmail and possessing a firearm.