Course Guidance: Vacancies on courses at other colleges

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THE following institutions, which will be joining PCAS next year, have vacancies in the courses listed below. Applications and inquiries should be made direct to the relevant institution after consultation with their prospectus, or the 1993 entry PCAS Guide.

City College, Norwich

Tel: 0603 660011 x264 Contact: Student Services

HND: 265G, 005G, 011H, 007N

Degree or DipHE: N720

Dundee Institute of Technology

Tel: 0382 308000 Contact: Registry

HND: 1N1F, 002K, 005G, 002H, 086H, 001H

Degree or DipHE: L100, G1G5, F1N1, H200, N130, H580, H600, H680, F910, H100, M390, H300, K280, Y400, FF31, FG35, FG31, F3H6, CF11, G561, FG11, G500, GG51

Falmouth School of Art & Design

Tel: 0326 211077 Contact: Admissions Officer

HND: 005P

Farnborough College of Technology

Tel: 0252 391212 Contact: Admissions Administrator

HND: 005G, 016H, 019F, 024H, 035G, 037N, 041N, 093M

Degree or DipHE: F910

Glasgow Polytechnic

Tel: 041 331 3000 Contact: The Admissions Office

HND: 013F, 161H

Degree or DipHE: K290, H100, G199, C120, NH17, H161, G561, F310, N120, N1G5

North East Surrey College of Technology

Tel: 081 394 1731 Contact: Academic Registrar

HND: 001C, 042K, 002K, 265G, 105G, 996H, 993K, 421N, 003F

Degree or DipHE: C120, B700

Queen Margaret College, Edinburgh

Tel: 031 317 3000 Contact: Academic Registry

Degree or DipHE: D4N5, B401, D420, N550, N980, B400

West Surrey College of Art and Design

Tel: 0252 722441 Contact: The Registry

Degree or DipHE: P400