Ex-Gove adviser Dominic Cummings resumes attack on Cameron


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Dominic Cummings, former adviser to the Education Secretary, Michael Gove, has ratcheted up his attack on David Cameron saying the Prime Minister would fail to impose change on Whitehall while “watching Netflix with a glass of red wine in his paw”.

In a blog post, Mr Cummings mocked suggestions that Mr Cameron’s operation at No 10 is defined by “doggedness”, saying this could only be true if it means “dogged determination to switch course every time DC reads the papers”.

He claims Downing Street is ineffective because “senior people issue airy instructions (usually in response to a column rather than as part of a serious plan) but... do not know how to follow things through and ensure things get done”.

“By the time it realises its instructions have been ignored, months can pass,” he adds.

The rift between Mr Cummings and No 10 first emerged in an interview with The Times last week in which Mr Cummings likened Mr Cameron to a “sphynx without a riddle”.