Get Gove back in the classroom: Nearly 100,000 people sign petition asking him to teach for a term


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While, Michael Gove remains wrapped in a battle over his analysis of World War One, he may soon be encouraged to return to the classroom to brush up on more than just his history.

A petition on has gathered almost 100,000 signatures, calling for the Education Secretary to return to the classroom for a term to see how the teaching profession really works.

Amy Neill, who started the petition, is a teacher herself. She wrote: "We would like you to teach a class of primary children for at least half a term in order to appreciate and respect what a challenging job we actually do."

"It is absolutely absurd that, in this day and age, the secretary for education, who has the power to make important changes, has no grasp on the education system and what teachers do."

At the time of writing, the petition had gained over 96,000 signatures, and looks set to reach its six-figure target within days.

A range of teachers, students, journalists and members of the public have got on board with the petition, which was started six months ago.

Sam C, who signed the petition two days ago, commented: "Gove telling teachers how to teach is like a child telling a surgeon how to remove an appendix because they've played a game of operation."

Hilary N said: "I wouldn't want my child to be in his class!"

Ian C said "The Right Honourable Gentleman really should have a clue what he's talking about, rather than the busking he does basked on 1/2 remembered episodes of Grange Hill."