One in six children think blueberry muffin counts as part of 'five a day'


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Around one in six youngsters believe a blueberry muffin counts as part of their “five a day”, a poll has found.

Jam, milk, cereal and water were also listed by children as counting as fruit and vegetables, according to the survey by Dolmio.

The poll, which questioned parents and children in more than 500 families, found that while youngsters' general knowledge of healthy eating is good, there is still confusion over what constitutes part of their “five a day” quota.

Some 95% of the children questioned knew that eating five portions of fruit and vegetables daily is important.

And the vast majority knew that apples and tomatoes counted towards this target (96% and 95% respectively).

But the poll, commissioned to mark the launch of Dolmio's Papa's Big Tomato Challenge, found 16% thought that jam could be counted, while 15% said blueberry muffins could be part of their five portions, 12% said milk could be counted along with 12% who cited cereal, and 6% said they could count water.

Nutritionist Juliette Kellow said: “Parents have busy lives but something as simple as preparing healthy meals together or even growing tomatoes on the kitchen windowsill will make a huge difference to their children's understanding of the origins of natural foods.”

:: The poll questioned parents and children aged eight to 15 in 534 families.