Pensioner to pick up degree 66 years late

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An 85-year-old man was due to pick up his degree today, more than 60 years after completing his studies.

Harold Jones, a formernaval officer and engineer,finished a course in mechanical engineering at Cardiff University in 1945, but was unable to attend his graduation ceremony after he was sent on military training.

Now 66 years later, the grandfather of eight will don a cap and gown as he graduates with fellow engineering students.

Mr Jones, who was born in Brecon and now lives in Madrid, said: "It's exciting even after all these years to finally get my degree."

While at university during the war Mr Jones completed weekly fire-watching and Home Guard duties, which saw him manning a radar plotting station to track incoming German bombers.

He also pitched in with the war effort by making nuts and bolts for aircraft at a factory in Treforest, near Pontypridd.